General Rules and Regulations of the Institution

  1. It shall be the duty of every student to follow the rules and regulations of the college
  2. All students shall abide by the decisions of (1)Principal (2) the consultative & discipline committe (3) the college council.
  3. Important notices are posted on the notice board of the college. It is the responsibility of the students to read and respond immediately
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to treat college property with care and to keep the building and the campus neat and clean. College properties shall not be disfigured by affixing propaganda literature or by writing.
  5. Student found destroying college properties are liable be fined heavily and will be punished suitably.
  6. Students are not permitted to loiter in the college campus during leisure hours.
  7. When the principal or a teacher enters a classroom students shall stand and remain standing till they are directed to sit down.
  8. Smoking in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  9. Any student found intoxicated by consuming beverages, drugs etc. will be summarily dismissed from the college.
  10. Use of chewing gum, hans or any such type pan masalas are strictly forbidden in the campus.
  11. The use of any type of vehicles including two wheelers by students within the campus is strictly prohibited according to the Govt. order.
  12. Use of Mobile phone by the students is strictly prohibited in the class and in the campus. Those found using mobile phones in the campus, will be asked to surrender the same to the Principal and may collect it back only on payment of Rs. 500/-.
  13. The dress code of the students should be modest, neat and dignified. The college uniforms are to be worn on Monday to Friday except on Wednesday. Those appearing at the college without the full and complete uniform attire will have to pay a fine of Rs. 100/-.
  14. Outsiders are not permitted to meet any of the students in the college campus without the permission of the Principal.
  15. Political activities are completely banned in the college campus. Students indulging in and involving themselves in any kind of political activity in the college campus are liable to be summarily dismissed from the college.
  16. As per High Court order on writ appeal No. 535/2003 and judgement on review petition dated 20th Feb. 2004 all strikes, demonstrations, agitations, dharnas, gherao and the like are banned in the college campus. Students who violate the above rules are liable to be dismissed from the college summarily.
  17. No student shall bring in to the college campus any banner, flag, board, notice, pamphlet or any such material for the purpose of political activity. If any student violates this, he/she will be summarily dismissed from the college.
  18. Prior permission of the Principal, in writing, is necessary for:
    1. Organising processions, special meetings,entertainments, or special functions in the college or college premises.
    2. Collecting funds from the students.
    3. Putting up any notice on the notice board in the college or its premises.
  19. An office bearer will lose the office if he/she is found guilty of indiscipline or misusing his/her office.
  20. Study tour will be permitted only if it is a part of curriculum or necessary for appearing for University Examinations, and it is limited to two or three days. A lady teacher must compulsorily accompany the tour team.
  21. Students are not allowed to go out of the campus without the permission of the class teacher or the Principal except during the lunch break.
  22. Grievances if any, shall be brought to the attention of the Students Grievance Redressal Cell in writing. The cell in consultation with the principal shall take necessary steps to resolve such grievances.
  23. Any questions which are not covered by the forgoing rules shall be decided by the Principal.